Modular Analog Synthesizer


I started building a modular analog synthesizer around Thanksgiving of 2002. I decided on the Moog / form factor because (1) there is a good range of inexpensive modules ready-made, (2) Professionally built cabinets are available, (3) I can get blank panels which I can silkscreen to make my own (or someone elses) modules and (4) I like the way they look.

Here's an old picture of my first 4 modular cabinets. I control it all with an Encore Expressionist from an AXON equiped guitar.

The cabinets are from (AKA "dotcom"). All of the modules are the same form factor as the old Moog modular. Most of the modules in the upper left cabinet are from The rest are adapted from other formats, built from kits or bare PCBs (from a variety of sources - see my Links page), or built from scratch. This has turned out to be an international effort, with parts from the US, Canada, Australia, England and France. All are mounted on blank panels.


Top Left Cabinet (Left to right, top to bottom):
  • Q106 Oscilator (dotcom)
  • Q141 Oscilator Aid (dotcom)
  • Q106 Oscilator (dotcom)
  • Q161 Oscilator Mixer(dotcom)
  • Q107 Filter (dotcom)
  • Q107 Filter Mixer(dotcom)
  • Q150 Tran Ladder Filter (dotcom)
  • Q103 Power Interface (dotcom)
  • CGS-29 Wave Multiplier (wave folder).
  • Q147 Distributor (dotcom)
  • Q125 Signal Processor (dotcom)
  • Q130 Clipper & Rectifier (dotcom)
  • Q111 Pan/Fade (dotcom)
  • Q108 Amplifier (dotcom)
  • Q108 Amplifier (dotcom)
  • Reversable Mixer
  • Q109 Envelope Generator (dotcom)
Top Right Cabinet:
  • PAiA 9720 Dual VCO
  • PAiA 9720 Dual VCO
  • Oakley Noise
  • Blacet Dark Star Chaos
  • CEM3340 VCO from page 105 of Barry Klien's book "Electronic Music Circuits" (long out of print, but you can get a copy from Barry here)
  • EFM VCO 4E
  • Blacet Mini Wave with socket rocket
  • Reversable Mixer
  • Oakley Little EG
  • CGS-29 Wave Multiplier (wave folder).
  • Q103 Power Interface (dotcom)
Bottom Left Cabinet:
  • CEM3320 Voltage Controlled Band Pass Filter
  • Dual VCA using the Paia EKX-20
  • Oakley Sample & Hold
  • CGS-26 Analog Logic (peak and trough)
  • CGS-38 Sawtooth Wave Multiplier
  • EFM RMP1B Ring Modulator
  • CGS-35 Steiner-Parker Synthacon VCF
  • CGS-35 Steiner-Parker Synthacon VCF
  • Quad Band Pass Filter
  • EFM VCF12A Korg Delta Filter
  • EFM VCF1F Filter
  • EFM VCF6C Diode Ladder Filter
  • Q103 Power Interface (dotcom)
Bottom Right Cabinet:
  • Combination mixer/attenuators/splitter
  • Tellun TLN-442 Filter (CEM3320)
  • Tellun TLN-442 Filter (CEM3320)
  • Oakley Equinoxe Phaser
  • Blacet Time Machine
  • jack multiples
  • Q101 Power Control Module (dotcom)
  • CGS-06 Burst Generator
  • CGS-28 Sequential Switch
  • CGS-09 Voltage Controlled Divider
  • Oakley Little EG
  • PAiA 4720 ADSR (this is really ancient - originally powered by +18v, but works just fine on +15v

I silkscreen finished panels for the modules once I'm done messing around with them.

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